Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been too long

I can't believe it's been 19 days since I posted. OMG - WHAT have I been doing?

Well, I went to the New Kids/Backstreet Boys concert the day before my birthday -
that was awesome.
It was full of dolled up 30 somethings so I fit right in.
We were in a box (my BFF's company has one and we were allowed to use it) so we watched in comfort. I took my daughter and Brad's daughter - first concert for them both.
They loved it. Fantastic.

I also had my CT scan.
It was my first one, so I was completely unprepared when the 'warm feeling' came ... those who've had them know what I'm talking about, but for the rest of you... when you get the dye injected in you during a CT scan, you start feeling really warm in the back of your throat and in your pelvic area, in fact it feels like you are peeing your pants!
Thank God the technician warned me about that just before it happened, but yowser, that was a weird feeling.

I got my results back a week later, the lump thingy is fatty tissue as they thought (YEAY!!) but they found the reason my port hadn't been working.
I have a 2.7 cm clot attached to the end of my port-a-cath apparently.
They told me to come back in the hospital for a 'small 2 hour procedure' the next day in which they would try to dissolve the clot.
Well, I was there for almost 4 hours, and the clot didn't budge.
It's still with me.
We are hopeful that it will come out with the port removal which is scheduled for this Friday and yes, I will blog about that experience for sure! I'm sure you all remember the ordeal it was to get it in, so I am a bit nervous to take it out. Especially since I'll be awake!!
(I'll have to take a few adavan's before I go in, methinks.)

Our pig roast came and went over the weekend, it was an amazing time.
It rained the whole week before so our dreams of a pool party slowly faded, but we bought tents and tarps and everyone stayed dry.
In fact, during the evening we even had a few sunny breaks, the kids ended up swimming anyway, while the adults watched in disbelief. I cannot believe we had 70 adults and 18 of their children at our place and it turned out so great.

I have to say, we throw a mean party!

This little piggy went to the pig roast.

Brad and I during the pig roast. (I had my long wig on and I made 'pig' tails)

Mmmm...pulled pork.

Finished product. The kids loved the apple in the pig's mouth. So did I actually.

As guests arrived, they stayed dry under the tents.

The kids didn't care as much, and still went in the pool. Brave children.

Tomorrow I go in to the radiology clinic for my 'mold' and 'tattoos' - I have to lay still for an hour and they position me the way they want me and I will have to get 3 tattoos - they are small dots, but with tattoo ink - so that they'll always be able to match up the lasers in the same spots for radiation. I wonder if they'll hurt as badly as my 2 other tattoos? Probably not. But you bet I'll be telling everyone I have '5 tattoos' from now on just to scare them!

Sorry for the cliff notes, things have been so busy and I feel so guilty for not having blogged, you guys are always on my mind.

Wish me luck for my port surgery on Friday, I"ll be back to write about it then :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the warm sensation during the scan -- so creepy! Any technician who fails to mention that should be boiled in oil!! Fingers crossed for an easy procedure on Friday. Can't wait to read all about it. PS your pigtails are adorable!

VV said...

So when does the slowing down and taking it easy come? ;-) M and her sister did a pig roast for their 40th (twins) and it was awesome! Yours looks very similar to theirs. Glad you all had a great time.

nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

I havent had a CT scan since I was in 8th grade.. They thought I had something wrong with me because i was always complaining of headaches..the eye dr couldnt see anything wrong with my eyes and then the dr himself at the Hospital didnt see anything wrong.. just growing pains I guess..

Glad you had some fun over the last few weeks.. I havent been doing much here. Its been to hot.. Hoping to get out this weekend though..

Mandi said...

I was warned a couple of times before mine, but didn't really know it was going to truly be that close to the sensation of peeing your pants (not that I ever peed my pants, EVER, ahem...).

I am so relieved that the bump was a benign nothing, but that blood clot is scary. My fingers and toes are crossed for you Friday!

Sayre said...

You know, unless there's lightning around, swimming in the rain is pretty nice (I did it this past week). Wet is wet!

Glad to see you back. I'm hoping to post something this week while the boy is gone. It's been a while for me too!!!!

I'll be keeping you close in my mind on Friday. Things will hopefully go much better getting out than going in.

Unknown said...

Good luck on your port removal tomorrow Michelle. Do they feel the clot will come right with the port? I'm going to be away during august Gracie-sitting on the Island but only for the first three weeks. How many treatments are you going to have there? I am coming down and visiting with you!!!!!!! I promise. Keep in touch...please let me know how tomorrow goes okay? Love you.xx

VV said...

My prayers and best wishes are with you today. Hope all goes smoothly.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Pink - I'm so glad the technician mentioned it, I would have freaked out!!

VV - Slowing down? Whaaa? LOL. I'm having a great time spending this time with my family and making lots of memories, I love it :)

Tweets - I think I would have been scared of having a CT scan in grade 8. Yuck.

Mandi - thanks. It IS friday today and I'm getting the port out in 2 hours... sure hope the blood clot comes out with it.

Sayre - that is my hope too. Surgeon keeps telling me it's 'no big deal' to remove the port. We'll see.

Andrea - Thank you for your well wishes. They do think (hope?) that the clot will come out with the port. I sure hope so too.

VV - thank you. THat is very nice of you ... I'm starting to get nervous. T minus 2 hours.

Embracing the Rain said...


Thinking about you lots today. I hope that the port removal goes well and the clot comes out with it. So glad that the lump was just fatty tissue. Looks like you had a great pig roast. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Kathy said...

So great to read an update from you! You have been on my mind and in my prayers. Sounds like you have been busy from rockin' out at the concert (sounds like so much fun), to having a cat scan (thanks for the detailed account, as always) and finally the rain or shine pig roast!

We have good friends that have an annual pig roast, but I can never bring myself to eat any. I am so not a vegetarian, in fact one of my fav main courses is BBQ ribs, but for some reason, I just cannot eat something that I have seen the full body of (dead or alive) right before chow time. Go figure?! I am such a head case...

Anyway, thank you for your comment love on my blog and please know that as crazy busy as I am and no matter how inconsistent I can be commenting here, that you are always in my thoughts and prayers!

P.S. LOVE the pig tails! :)