Monday, November 7, 2011

Nothin' to see here

I think I'm ready to close this blog. 

I have many things to say, but not lots to do with cancer. At least, not as much as other stuff. So I have moved blogs a few weeks ago, and started something new. 

After all, this blog was always meant to be a transient blog. Of course, if I do have cancer updates, I will still post them here for you to see. Let's hope there are not many of those.

What I've realized with my new blog though, is that it's not nearly as much fun to write when no one is reading, which is why I'm spilling the beans here.

If you don't know me in 'real life' please email me and I'll re-direct you to the new blog.

Sounds funny, I know, but I want to write about my life (and sometimes the people in it, lol) so I don't feel comfortable sharing the blog with anyone but cyber friends. 

That way, I don't have to censor what I'm bitching writing about.

If we part ways here, thank you for being part of my life for the past 11 months. I am truly thankful for your part in my 'journey'. Your comments and your thoughts lifted me up on bad days and have helped me get through this.  And on good days, your comments and ideas made me laugh and hope.

Thank you for reading "Knock Knock, it's Cancer" - I will post a link here if my book is ever published.

Later Gator.