Friday, September 23, 2011

I have awesome blog friends

Well, here's yet another silver lining to this whole cancer thing.

I got to know some amazing people through this blog - random strangers I met by accident because we are all fighting this life threatening disease.

Through the last 9 months they have shared their stories with me, their lives, pictures, and their fears. And I did the same with them. We have gotten to know each other intimately.

In the middle of the night if I couldn't sleep, I could send off a quick email to my 'cancer buddy' and know that when I woke the next morning, there would be an understanding reply. When I was unsure of treatment side effects, I could rely on the experience of my new found friends to guide me through it.

Just last week, my friend at Darn Good Lemonade finished her treatment!!! Yeay Mandi! So excited for you - and in her post she mentioned she got a 'diploma' from her cancer facility for 'successfully completing the treatment.'

I was overjoyed for her.

Then I sent her a whiny email about how 'my cancer facility didn't give me a diploma'. She must have felt bad for my sob story, because not even a week later this awesome package arrived in the mail.

Brad thought I ordered something online, but NOPE, it was a care package from my friend.

She ordered this for me and then went to the trouble of UPS-ing it!!!

In case you can't read the engraving, it says:
"Michelle (my last name) you are a cancer fighting ninja"

I know you're jealous. I think it's the most thoughtful and funny gift ever.

Now, I need to find a special podium for my trophy.


Praelior said...

Talking to people who "get it" is an important piece to the coping puzzle. Though my best friends and husband say nice things in response to my complaints of "I think Tamoxifen is making my eyebrows fall out again," there is nothing like when my cancer twin Queenie follows up with, "OMG, me too!! Wanna go to Sephora and buy some brows in a box??" Wishing you the best.

Kendra said...

Michelle I am very grateful to have found you through blogging, You've provided me with a light at the end of the tunnel. And also provided me with someone who "gets it" like no one else in my support group can. I know we may never meet in person, but I am TRUELY grateful for your presence in my life!

Conquering Cancer By Living Well said...

Okay, now that is cool!! Absolutely love it!! What an awesome surprise that must have been!

VV said...

That is awesome! It's also great that you have new friends with a great sense of humor.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Praelior - SO true!!! So true. Thanks for the good wishes, and for posting :)

Kendra - The feeling is mutual, and the bond we have was instant :) Hang in there kid, you're so close to being done!

Conquering - it was a huge surprise, and it just made my day :)

VV- Isn't that the truth. These people keep their wits about them, even when facing unbelievable challanges. It's very humbling. said...

To be honest with you I have no clue what you went through but I was here if you needed a shoulder or eyes to read what was going on.. I am proud of you and brad for making it through the most difficult time of your life and you are a fighter.. I hope things get better for you as the year finishes off. To you and your little beautiful family my friend.

Kathy said...

How very cool! You do have awesome and thougtful blogging friends! I am sure it is in no small part because you are such an awesome blogging friend too! xoxo

Mandi said...

Ahahaha! It looks even better than I thought it would. I am glad it made your day. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so great! You certainly deserve a trophy, so I'm glad you got one! Cheers to blog friends who truly get it--the fears, the anger, and the funny stuff too.

Beth L. Gainer said...

Like you, I find the online blogging community so therapeutic. We people affected by cancer really do get it and understand the wide range of emotions and physical trials and tribulations that come with cancer.

Congratulations on your trophy! You deserve it.

kevin said...

that's awesome I knew you would do it

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Becky said...

I play catchup all the time with blog friends, but thrilled when I find posts like this. I found myself humming "alive and kicking" when I saw the trophy. *grin* Sorry for the cheesy 80s music, but it's my go-to era. Cancer Ninja would be an awesome name for a blog too...right? :D

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Hope you found a great podium for it!

Ashley Williams said...

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