Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So grateful

Today started pretty lousy. I am still sick, (although slight improvement from yesterday) and I was bummed out.
With only 2 days to go til the surgery, I was hoping I would be out enjoying the sunshine. At the very least I thought I'd get some house cleaning and prepping for thursday done. But, being sick, nothing got done.

Then, around noon, a co-worker calls me. She has gone through breast cancer and a bi lateral mastectomy 4 years ago. She knows exactly what I'm feeling,
as she's been there, done that.

I tell her I'm in my p.j's and laying on the couch. "Get dressed" she says, "I'm coming over and I'm bringing you something". "Oh, and comb your hair, I'll be taking
your picture".


So, I quickly get changed, look in the mirror and decide to look away. I still look sick. I don't have enough time to jump in the shower, so I comb my hair, put on some
dangly earrings and find something bright to wear. At least I won't look so drab.

Then I wait.

She came by with not one, but TWO beautiful gifts for me from my co-workers. And such a lovely card. It brought tears to my eyes.

I really am blessed that I have people around me who love me and care enough to show it.

My day just got a whole lot better.


Sayre said...

OOoo!!!! How's the fruit arrangement??? That was so thoughtful of your co-workers... I too have a workplace that feels like family much of the time. And how can you be sick and still look so fantastic? I always look like someone's dragged me a few miles under the car when I'm sick. ;0)

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

The fruit arrangement was fantastic! Oh, I enjoyed the chocolate covered strawberries soo much. So did the kids. We picked at it all night!

And, I DID feel like someone's dragged me a few miles under the car. Like I said, the shiny dangly earrings and the bright colors hid that well :)

Unknown said...

You are beautiful and you will be beautiful two days from now. What wonderful friends you have. Hang onto the knowledge that you are loved...and your house looks spotless already!

My favourite Eeyorism is "we can't all..and some of us don't"...I think it applies to anything we want. Sending healthy strong woman thoughts your way my dear. You are the age of my daughters...between the two...far too young to be experiencing what you are...and for that I'm sorry. Put your dangly earrings on as soon as you can after your mastectomy. xxx

VV said...

Awwww. That was nice. Keep remembering and replaying those emotions in your head. They release endorphins that are good for your health.

tweetey30 said...

I have been pondering on how to help you myself. I have been thinking of something but its going to take me a while to make it if I can do it.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

MM - I will put my dangly earrings on as soon as I can and think of you :)

VV - It really was nice. I said it before, but it really is overwhelming to see how many people actually care.

Tweets - Thank you for the kind words, you don't need to do anything though, your friendship and support are enough :)