Wednesday, February 2, 2011

T minus one day

I am prepping for my surgery day tomorrow. That means I'm eating everything in sight. I have already eaten cereal, toast, two hot dogs and all the fruit that was covered in chocolate from yesterday's fruit basket.

I'll leave the other fruit for my Bradley so he knows that I care.

I am not sure how to describe today. I feel as if it's the marking of some important day. I walk around with an air of secrecy, as if I know something that the rest of the world doesn't. I went to the bank, the grocery store and Zellers to buy some pj's that button up because I was gently reminded yesterday that I would not be able to lift up my arms for a while. D'oh.

All the while I'm there, I look at others and think "do they know?" Of course they don't. I probably appear slightly paranoid to anyone who looks at me today.

A few minutes ago I received a reminder call from the hospital about my apt tomorrow.
As if I'd forget. I should have played it up though, just for fun.

"What surgery? What was this about again?" I wonder how that would have gone over.

Once again, the lady on the phone reminded me that I would need to go to the Radiocative Nuclear Department of the Hospital. So I laughed. Out loud. I thought she'd join me, but she didn't. Clearly, this is not funny.

I did find out that Brad will be able to join me during the needle stabbing though, so I am very excited about that. He will be there to hold my hand, just as he was the first time during the biopsy. I am not sure if it'll be comforting, but I am glad I'll get to squeeze his hand during it.

After all, I should not be the only one in pain. I'm just sayin'.

I will write more when I'm back from the hospital. For now, I'll need to go find more food.


Sayre said...

I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow! Make sure Bradley brings some advil or something for after you squeeze his hand. I'll be thinking of you and praying for a good surgery and a quick recovery.

Perhaps you should go for some lobster...

VV said...

Don't stop laughing or finding humor in the absurd. I'll be rooting for you! Post again as soon as you can.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Sayre - thank you. I'll tell Brad about the advil, haha. Oh, lobster would have been nice. But it's 'effort food'... so I opted for spicy jambalaya instead.

VV - Thanks doll. I will need all your positive thoughts so please keep them coming. PS - how's the kitchen coming along?

Kathy said...

Thank you for finding my blog, for your very kind words in your comments and for adding me to your blog roll. As a fellow 35 year old, I continue to be amazed (and saddened) by where our life journies as "thirtysomethings" can take us when we least expect it. I am sorry to hear that you have cancer. I can only imagine how scary that is.

I want to spend more time here on your blog and catch up more on your story. In the meantime, I saw that your big surgery is tomorrow and I want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. BTW, I love your reaction to the reminder phone call! ;) Like you said, as if anyone could forget something like that...

Good luck tomorrow! Hang in there! You can do this! We'll be here waiting and cheering you on! :-)

McCracken's Mom said...

See how strong you are? Your sense of humour, I think, will be one of things you will find strengthens you in the days ahead. You will be off on the next part of your journey by the time I write this but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take good care, hon.

Sami said...

Thank goodness you don't need to raise your arms up to type as long as the keyboard is on your lap! Again, you're so fantastic at writing. These posts and your sense of humor are going to help a lot of women going through this very same thing.