Saturday, February 5, 2011

Part Two - done

We arrived at the hospital with plenty of time to spare. Just over 2 hours. We checked in, we went upstairs to the third floor where I was given a hospital gown, and fetching green stockings. Then we were asked to wait in the waiting room until it was our turn.

There was a teenager there already, waiting for her surgery. As I look closely I notice she has a patch of 'magic cream' on the top of her hand. It's Emla cream, a topical anesthetic. So that the IV won't hurt going in. It's brilliant. I get up and find the nurse. I request my own 'magic cream' and she tells me that it's for children only. "But some adults can be babies too" I counter. She gives me a heavy sigh and a disapproving look. But she gets it for me anyway.


By the time I go into the OR everything has gone so fast I hardly remember the details. The anesthesiologist tried to make a joke while I was lying on the table about taking out my gallbladder. That's the last I remember until I woke up.

Something must have gone wrong during the recovery, because I was in the recovery room for over 6 hours. Poor Brad was beside himself with worry. I had an allergic reaction to the morphine so I was hallucinating, dizzy, couldn't see straight and (according to Brad) I kept talking about the 'big black dog'. I don't really remember this but my nurses all confirmed it.

Eventually at 9:30 pm I got moved from recovery to my room. I hear there were quite a few people who waited at the hospital for me to get out of recovery and then were asked to leave because visiting hours ended at 8pm. They left without getting to see me, and I bet that sucked waiting so long. All I can say is, blame it on the big black dog.

The surgery went well, recovery is sucky. I stayed in the hospital 2 nights, although I was ready to leave by the second day. I was so hungry and all they kept feeding me was beef broth and jello. At some point I had to just get Brad to go out and get 'real food' so much to my nurses (and room-mate's) dismay, I enjoyed pancakes, chicken wings and sushi during my stay there.

Kids came to visit me the next day

Eating 'real food' courtesy of my Bradley

I declined their tylenol 3 offer, and instead am resting somewhat comfortably with extra strength tylenol. So far so good.

I have 2 drains sticking out of me right now, and there is lymph fluid coming out of those that Brad needs to change every day. They are uncomfortable to say the least, and I can feel them inside of me. In a few days, hopefully by next wednesday, they may be removed. I can't wait. Right now no position is comfortable. I can't sit. I can't stand. I can't lay down. I'm a big grumpy pain in the butt while I pace back and forth from the living room to the kitchen.

My new and improved chest - cancer free!

My place is inundated with flowers. They have been coming from far and wide, across the country. Thank you. I am so overwhelmed by your kindness. I even got a big bouquet from my naturopaths office. (that just shows how much money I spent there in the past, eh?)

Our voicemail was full of messages from well wishers. We are both emotionally drained, but so grateful for the friends and family who have rallied around us.

Oh, you know what's really great? There was a little beauty mark that Brad was kinda sad to see go. Much to our surprise, when we changed the bandages we saw that Brad's beauty mark still remained. So amidst all this chaos, a little ray of sunshine!


Anonymous said...

I love that you've been home a short while and are updating. It's thoughtful of you.
You are very brave and I'm proud of you for posting the pictures and writing your thoughts.
I really wish I could be there with you, but it's comforting to know that you are being well cared for.

Sayre said...

I'll bet you eating sushi in the hospital gave the nurses fits!!! We're very lucky at our local hospital - the food services chef wins awards! Eating hospital food is the best part of the stay *unless you're INTO the drugs* which I'm not. They always make me feel creepy.

I am amazed by how well you're coming through this. Your strength and humor and matter-of-fact approach will help you and your loved ones around you get through this. You are truly blessed in Brad's love and support.

Recovery does suck but hopefully the suckitude will lessen once the drains have come out! Thanks for letting us know how you're doing - you are constantly on my mind these days!

VV said...

Wow, I'm exhausted and uncomfortable just thinking of all you've gone through in the last few days. As soon as this is all over, you and Brad better have one hell of a wedding. You're already going through the "for better or worse and in sickness and in health" part with flying colors. Wish I could have sent you flowers, but I didn't think to ask for your address ahead of time. I would have sent an edible bouquet because chocolate is always a good idea. Love the sushi at the hospital, you go girl!

Anonymous said...

You have exactly the right mindset to help you through this process!! Once the drains come out and you actually get a good nights sleep, you will feel MUCH better. able to gather your strength for the next step in the war...
keep blogging, you have a gift!

La Cremiere said...

Awww, Very happy to hear it all went well, that you got your magic cream (that is genius!), sushis (my favourite!) and your beauty mark, cos that's just lovely. Hope recovery is speedy. Does that mean you're good or is there lots more to go through? What's the next stage?

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Eileen - thanks, I am lucky that I have such good people in my life who love me. As for the blog, it's therapeutic.

Sayre - We definetly don't have a chef like that at our hospital. It was terrible. So, the food was bad, I didn't like the drugs, there was really no reason to stay any longer :)

VV - I loved your comment. I really did. I really want to have a hell of a wedding after this is all done! If I give you lots of notice, can you come? LOL.
PS - no need to send me anything, but thank you for the thoughts anyway :)

Wendy - you inspire me to get through this. I look at you and know that is where I want to be in 4 years!

La Cremiere - Sadly, this is just the first step. It's a big step, but still only one step. After I heal enough, I will have to start chemotherapy for a while (i don't know exactly how long yet, most likely 6-8 months) Then I have to take a month or so to heal from that, then I will probably have radiation for a couple more months. Chemo will make me sick and make me lose my hair. Radiation will make me sore and tired. Then, after all that (we are now talking about 2012 by the time it's all over) I will need to have a hysterectomy to stop the hormones in my body - my particular cancer is 'fueled' by my hormones. THEN - around 18 months from now, I will hopefully start thinking about reconstructive surgery to get me a new set of knockers :)

VV said...

As the saying goes, I would be there with bells on!

Sami said...

Glad you're in high spirits and the surgery went well! And to get to keep your beauty mark is a plus; finally, something they didn't take from you!