Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boy am I glad to see you!!!

I just walked through the door, I have to shower and kiss my children but I wanted to say


Thank you for all your thoughts and comments, they all helped me tremendously.

I'll update soon :)


Kathy said...

So glad to see you too!

Welcome home!

I missed you!

Looking forward to your update (not that I didn't appreciate Brad's over the past week)!

Kathy said...

Welcome home! Sorry that procedure was much more difficult than anticipated

Anonymous said...

WOW Michelle,
I have been crazy busy and just got caught up with your last week...OMG, when you have a complication, you don't fool around! This may be a good thing as you hopefully have gotten all the "glitches" out of the way and now everything will go smoothly.... I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. How is your arm? or with everything else that has happened maybe it is behaving..?
I will call you next week.
Welcome home!