Friday, March 4, 2011

The lung saga continues


Michelle has been transferred to the ICU for yet another invasive procedure. She had another chest tube put in her through her back into her chest cavity this time the size of a garden hose, now there bringing out the big guns. They keep promising this should work.

Michelle believes that the third time the charm. Fingers crossed.

Keep those comments coming they really pick up her spirits like nothing else.
The comment show here who is reading the blog.


Just a quick update from last night.(Brad again) This morning she had a setback, during the night the lung collapsed again back to were it was the night before before the terrible procedure. Michelle is now hooked up to some sort of vacuum contraption which seems to be helping. The last X-ray now number seven or eight showed the lung had re inflated and was doing O.K. Michelle was in terrible pain all day and was exhausted and totally fed up. Unfortunately this has temporally knocked some of the spirit out of her.

What does this all mean? This buys my poor Michelle at least two more night in the hospital :(

The new "plan" is to x-ray her again 24 hours from when the vacuum was hooked up and see how the lung is doing. If its still all good then they clamp off the vacuum and wait another 24 hours to see if the lung is cooperating not. If it is they pull the tube out and we go home. If not it means another friggin surgery to physically go in and fix the hole.

The crappy thing about all this stuff is that Chemo now has been official postponed one week. Shitty!!!!!

If that's not enough the IV has caused her hands swell up to the point they had to cut off her engagement ring tonight and then I had to pry it of her hand with a set of pliers.

All the comments are very much appreciated and I know help lift her spirit back up. I print them out and bring them to her it always bring a smile to her face during this hard time.

Thank you all


Unknown said...

Hi Brad. I'm so sorry to hear about yet more setbacks. Can you let Michelle know that we out here will be strong for her so if she needs to have a little while of not feeling so strong it's just fine. I know there is a strong fighting spirit in both of you and this setback is kind of knocking the wind out of your sails. Again, sending strong woman vibes Michelle's way and remembering you and your family in my prayers. Please say hello to Michelle for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle and Brad,
I am so many emotions all balled into one. Spitting-bullets-mad that something like this could even happen to you to begin with. Sad because you are suffering with something non-cancer-related and you need to be STRONG and ready for chemo. Anxious because this lung just doesn't want to seem to cut you a break. And frustrated that good people like you get tested like this :( But despite all of these emotions, I am also hopeful that this will be the worst of things for you to deal with, and confident that you will be back on your feet with your cancer-kicking combat boots on in no time.

I know that all of this is unbelievable Michelle, but don't let it rattle your spirit and keep your focus on the prize. Yes, you are starting chemo a week later (which sucks since it is hard mentally - I was delayed 6 weeks!) BUT you will cross that bridge when it's time. One step at a time.

I wish you fast-healing lung tissue, lots of good pain meds, a long proper night's sleep, time to cry and clear your head, a HUGE does of laughter with some silver linings thrown in for good measure, and at least one or two HOT doctors to distract you (even though Brad is super hot too!)

Be well and know that so many of us are praying for a speedy and 100% complete recovery. With no more random bullshit like a punctured lung (WTF?! seriously, what are the odds on that one?)

Lots of love and gentle hugs xo Dana

PS - time for you to get a LottoMax ticket - you have used up all of your bad luck this year and only have good luck left in your pocket, right?!!

Sayre said...

I agree - it might be time to buy a lotto ticket because you guys seem to be hitting all of the weird against-all-odds things right now.

We had the wedding today and it went beautifully. Everything was just as I'd envisioned it (well except the punch but we made it work...oh and the coffee didn't happen because I bought the wrong kind for their coffee maker - but everything else was great!) The flowers worked, every thing got done and I even managed to take a shower and get dressed with makeup and stil make it back to the church with moments to spare. Even with all the craziness and things that did go wrong, it worked out in the end and was lovely. I'm hoping this thing with the lung turns out to be YOUR table cloth crisis. A small bump in the road in the bigger scheme of things, but irritating all the same.

Keep your eyes on the prize, Michelle. A cancer-free body, a future with Brad and watching your kids grow up. Don't let mismatched table cloths ruin the whole thing. You'll get past this.

Thanks for keeping us updated, Brad. We love our Michelle (even though we've never met) and want all the best things for her... which seems to include you - finally!

Mandi - said...

Michelle, Chemo can wait! The worst of the stuff has been cut out in the surgery, get better first. I rushed my chemo start and now my surgery didn't heal properly and I have to go in Monday to get stitched back up and hope that I heal while in chemo without infection (which is apparently much harder).

Please take the time to recover, I am so sorry that this happened, I feel like kicking a few doctors in the shins! Keep kicking cancer's butt ninja style and you need another tshirt for this one for sure.

Kathy said...

ARGH!!! I am so sorry to hear that things seem to be getting worse and not better. That is beyond frustrating for Michelle, you and all of us that care about and are pulling for you both and your family. Thank you for the update Brad. I have been sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers Michelle and your way. Hang in there. Seriously, this really sucks and I don't know what else to say. (((HUGS))) to both of you. Please tell Michelle that I am sending lots of good vibes her way and miss communicating with my kindred spirit on our blogs.

Take care,

Mary xo said...

Hi, recently started following your blog and I love love love your spirit and candor. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so am a few weeks behind you, waiting for my doctors to tell me which roller coaster I have to get in line for. How totally crappy that your "30-minute" operation went haywire, but keep fighting like Jet Li. Hope you are mended and can be on your way soon to get started on your chemo. My best to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad! My name is Heather. Michelle and I used to correspond via our blogs and FB....I got an email from her a few weeks ago and we have been trying to get back in touch ever since. Please send her my love and tell her that the Queen of the Mayhem...down here in the deep south is praying for her! I hope she feels much better soon!

Heather Miller

Anonymous said...

Suck. Just suck. I hate it for you, and wish it hadn't happened. As shitty as it is, it's temporary and you will get through it. With your wit & kick-ass attitude, you'll conquer this set-back and will soon be kicking cancer to the curb. xo

Cynn said... this totally sucks very true...DO NOT let this break you!!! You are doing so well and its almost as though Cancer is getting pissed off your kicking ass so well. This will not break your spirit...this will not break you...say it in your head. You will get better, this is just a hiccup and you will fight even harder! Drop the F-Bomb and tell this temporary hold on your life to stick it....I know you want to!
Cynthia :)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, this is a bump in the road that really sucks. It seems that sometimes the people who need to breaks don't always get them.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
Brad, please keeps the updates coming; they are appreciated.

Genkicat said...

Alrighty then. This really sucks. Yep. Hopefully this vaccuum thingy does the trick and you won't need another surgery.

Hang in there. It will get better, much better.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the vacuum thing worked and your pain has lessened significantly. I am sure that you will get through this bump in the road as you continue to kick cancer's butt. Hang in there.

Brad-Thanks for the updates

Kathy said...

Hang in there Michelle (and Brad)!

I am so sorry and frustrated that this is happening to you! As if dealing with cancer wasn't enough, now you have this setback that seems to keep getting worse, instead of better.

I really hope things turn around for you ASAP so that you get to go home, be with your family and put on those boxing gloves to fight the cancer. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Sending lots and lots of thoughts and prayers your way for healing and strength! I miss being able to communicate with you directly (though I do appreciate Brad'a updates, thank you Brad). Hoping and praying for some good news in the new update!

Take care,

Sayre said...

Good heavens... I hope this works. I cannot bear to think of you in pain, Michelle. Having cancer is insult enough without this added on top. You're being so strong... get through this and you're back on top and winning (not in the Charlie Sheen sense... that would just be sick). Hang in there and keep the updates coming Brad. I love Michelle and want to know what's going on with her.

VV said...

I would like to say something funny to lift your spirits, but then with all that shit in your chest, you probably don't want to laugh and displace anything. I just got through reading all of Brad's posts and all I've got to say is that I would have been swearing up a storm by x-ray number 4. I have a question I ask people who fuck up on the job, "you all do this for a living, right?" It never fails to piss them off, but you probably shouldn't use that line since you'll have to see these folks again and again. I'll try to think of something better for you to use. M is always telling me to "be quiet" especially at restaurants. She's afraid my sarcasm will result in spit in our food. I try to reassure her, "if you only knew about all the other stuff in your food, spit would be the least of your worries." This doesn't seem to reassure her for some reason. Anyway, I will keep you in my thoughts and try to come up with some diabolical plan where you can inflict as much pain and stress on them as they have done to you. Forgiveness is fine most of the time, but every once in a while, revenge does a body good. ;-)

Unknown said...

Can't seem to find the right words this morning Brad and Michelle. Just know I'm thinking of you both. Give Michelle a (gentle) hug.

Attila the Mom said...

Still sending all my prayers and best wishes.


Genkicat said...

Alright. Enough Already! I keep coming back looking for good news. I sure hope the garden hose solution works! Really, really. All my thoughts are with you Michelle.

Mary Bast said...

Love your blog, your title, your humor, your strength. Someone passed on to me this morning a "One Lovely Blog Award" with the request that I pass it on with links to the sender and seven others. Yours is one of the links I've awarded:

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet girl, I just checked in and am so sorry to hear about the bumpy road of late. You'll kick this crap, just keep that cute chin up. thinking of you!!!! xxxxooooo, Annie.

Anonymous said...

hey guys
well... it is too weird that all of this is going on because you have been on my mind the last 3 days non stop. i have been praying for you and now i know why!! please know that we care deeply for you and that you are being prayed for ALOT!! lets pray that the doctors have wisdom that goes beyond their experience and that your body will fight like it never has before!! let us know if you need anything!!
krista & andrew

tweetey30 said...

I am sorry to hear this.. I have been busy the last few days and I am not just readign this.. I hope everything is ok.. Give her plenty of hugs if you can from me and my girls.. I believe she will be fine but it sucks she has to go through this and I am glad she has you to take care of her..

VV said...

I keep checking back hoping everything is okay. ??

Sayre said...

Hi, Michelle! Hope things are getting better and that you'll be back here to vent in no time.

tweetey30 said...

Like everyone else wondering how you are doing..Hope better since he posted this.. Cant wait till your back and telling us all about it..

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Brad,

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Kathy said...

Stopping by to see if there were any updates. Hope you are hanging in there Michelle and Brad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to cry reading about her engagement ring, and I'm not a crier. That just sucks. So sorry for both of you, and I wish I had the magic wand that would make all this shittiness go away for good.