Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last night's funny story

I thought I would share a funny story with you from last night in the hospital with Michelle. Each night before bed Michelle's Nurses give her some heavy doses of drugs to not only help her cope with the pain but also help her sleep. They are taken orally and given in her IV as well. Minute after the medication goes into her blood stream Michelle get woozy and soon after falls asleep. Some times we manage to talk for a few minutes but most time she is out like a light. ( Dana I can't imagine what you conversation went like when she "drug called" you the other night.) HaHA
After Michelle got her medications last night I tucked her in and told her I would be right back after brushing my teeth( for those of you don't know I have been spending the night in a chair beside her at the hospital every night) By the time I got back to the room after brushing my teeth the medication must have already kicked in.
She was immediately upset with me because I bought "The house with the bushes."
Me: "What house with the bushes?"
Michelle: "You said you would never buy a house with bushes."
Me: "Honey our's doesn't have bushes and I didn't buy a new house."
Michelle: "You promise you didn't buy another one with bushes."
Me: "I didn't and our house doesn't even have bushes......."
Michelle: "But your Mom called me and told me about the bushes."
Me: (amused) " I said it's time to go asleep now, Shelly. Night, night ."
Michelle: "O.K night night."
I got into chair and tried to get comfortable, just before nodding off I hear her mumble:
"I hate bushes."


Anonymous said...

Haha. That's so funny! Glad you posted it for all to see when she doesn't believe you.
You're a good man, Brad!
How are Braxton and Dacia through all of this? Are they staying with their father?

Sayre said...

Too funny! I hope you don't have bushes at your house - she apparently hates them!!!

VV said...

I am soooo glad to finally see a post from you. I was so worried. Hopefully they will get this under control and you can return home. Hospitals are no place to get a good night's sleep, drugs or no drugs! Also, the only bushes I like are butterfly bushes, because you can mow under them. I don't like weeding and I don't like weed wackers. I'm definitely a low maintenance yard person.

Anonymous said...

So I go from crying over the engagement ring being cut off to laughing my ass off at the bushes story---that's a great blog! Love that she's muttering as she drifts off. That's the fighting spirit that will get her through this round of crap-tacular events. Thinking of y'all and sending healing thoughts from Houston.

Anonymous said...

I hate Bushes too! Oh, and if you are buying a new house the one beside me is for sale.


Cynn said...

Sounds like a heavy duty drug.....I wonder if it works as a truth serum??? lol I would love to hear about her reaction to this story....if she remembers. Sending prayers and Hugs..


Mary xo said...

She probably won't remember that conversation at all. You should have a bush in a flower pot with a ribbon on it waiting at home for her. She'll wonder, what on earth is that doing here?

tweetey30 said...

LOL.. Now that is funny.. I hope she gets well soon. Sending her hugs from me and the girls.. She is more than likely getting lots of hugs but she needs them.. Miss her and will talk to her soon when she is well again.

Attila the Mom said...

LOL! Too cute!

Mary Bast said...

So happy you have Brad beside you, Michelle. Sending love and blessings from Gainesville, FL.

Beth L. Gainer said...

This is such a funny one! Loved it. Brad, you're a really good person, too!

Sami said...

HAHA. I hate bushes too. This would probably be my main concern in the hospital as well ;-)