Friday, March 4, 2011

The human pin cushion

Hello Blog world Michelle has asked me (Brad) to write a post as she is still in the hospital tonight after what was supposed to be a day procedure for the port-a-cath. The day all started as planned, we woke up all the children, got them all fed and off to school on time.No problem!

We came home each got ready for the day surgery, both had showers, I ate breakfast where Michelle couldn't see or hear me because she wasn't allowed to. No problem! (besides Michelle being super hungry of course)

The clock struck 11:15 and off to the hospital we went. We checked in and Michelle had her vitals done and she put on her beautiful hospital attire. Then a nurse came in and said we can take you down to surgery a little early. We both thought "sweet!" that means the sooner we are in the sooner we can get home. No problem!

We get into pre op and Michelle gets her anesthetic like a trooper. Then she is whisked away for the thirty minute surgery. I go over to the waiting room grab my book and start reading. Before I knew it I saw the surgeon. She said it all went well we just need to take one more x-ray to make sure its all good. I think No problem!

Twenty minutes pass and a nurse comes out to get me to see her, as we are walking into see my Michelle she said" during surgery the her left lung was poked with a needle and has collapse a little and Michelle is in a ton of pain. AHHH HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!!!

As I walk into post op and see my beautiful girl with tears rolling down her face, saying why did this happen to me. Mean while Michelle has been given four shots of Fentanyl a powerful narcotic which taking the poor girls pain level down to a Five out of ten. The surgeon came up to us feeling absolutely terrible and said this is one of the risked associated with this procedure( which we had just read about earlier that week) and explained its all fixable. Great more fixing, just what she needed. Next Michelle is wheeled down to x-ray to check the progress on the leaky lung. Then back to post op where we see the surgeon one more time. The x-ray shows more air was going into an area where it wasn't supposed to be, hence the extreme pain. Still a huge problem!

We get transfered up to room were within a hour has another x-ray, thats number four of the day to check the progress again. The result weren't good, even more air were it's not supposed to be. The surgeon came up to the room to discuss a plan of action. He suggests inserting a small catheter into the area were the air thats not welcome to drain off that bad air and inflate the lung to were it should be. This does not sound like fun. Then he said we will do it right in the room and you will be awake during the procedure. Michelle is not impressed but basically has no choice.BIGGER Problem!

The surgeon comes to do the procedure, we are both really nervous of what's to come. The first step was to freeze the area with a needle that looked like it could take down a horse. He stuck the massive needle in deeper and deeper freezing as he goes. It looked and sounded so painful and I felt totally useless knelling there beside her holding her hand wishing I could take this all away from her. The surgeon then pulls out a long white flex able tube thing about the diameter of a juice box straw. He then explained that now he need to weave this white juice box straw thing in above her heart past then newly installed port-a-cath in between some ribs and into the area were the bad air is. No ultrasound just purely feel and is knowledge of the human anatomy. Michelle and I eyes are sticking out of our heads, thinking really? Well I guess he knew what he was doing because as soon as it was in Michelle felt terrible pain again. He said that the lung expanding back to its rightful place. He then order another x-ray(that's number five on the day now. Problem seem to be going away.

That x-ray finally had some good news. Lucky x-ray number five showed the lung was almost back in place and the hole will seal itself back up. The surgeon came back in and did a couple final adjustment to the tube and was able to relieve some of my Michelle's pain. Yeay!!!
This problem pretty much solved.

The crappy thing is we are in hospital for a couple day. The good news is this shouldn't delay the chemo, the hole reason we started this procedure.

I apologize for the poor grammar and spelling :)


Boy she makes this blogging thing look so easy to's not thats for sure.


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare!

Poor Michelle, and I feel for you too, Brad. I'm sure your presence there was of massive comfort to her, but seeing her go through all that pain must have been so difficult for you. Please give her my best when you go visit her. Tell her to hang in there, which I know she will. We're all sending her big, strong, positive vibes and wish her the speediest recovery (from the collapsed lung and from this whole nasty cancer scenario too).


Sayre said...

Blogging is telling a story and you did that just fine! I'm so sorry this happened. Michelle has been so positive, even when scared - this must have been a little shock to her confident approach. Things happen sometimes - it's just the way things are. I'm so glad you are there to hold her hand and be with her through this ordeal. Having someone who loves you by your side makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for the update. I'd been wondering how the procedure went. Tell her we all say hello and are hoping things smooth out from here on!

Mandi - said...

I have tears in my eyes for Michelle. :( Ugh, I have decided nothing about this cancer thing goes nearly as smoothly as the A-B-C plan that is laid out. I wish her the best recovery possible and give her a big hug when she is huggable again!

Unknown said...

Brad, you've posted a long, informative and heart-felt post. Great job - I appreciate you being able to share this with us.

You aren your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please say hello to Michelle for me.


Kathy said...

Thank you for posting Brad (as others have said, you did just fine).

I am so sorry to hear about the crazy and painful day that Michelle and you have had. I think probably the second worst thing to living through a day like this (as our dear Michelle had too, which really sucks!), is having to watch the love of your life experience all of that and not being able to male it better or easier (other than giving her as much love and moral support as possible, which is huge).

Well, I am so very proud of both of you. Hang in there! Sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers from Michelle's kindred spirit in Chicago. Thanks again for the update.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, Brad. I'm not sure if Michelle has told you who I am and that we were good friends when I lived in MR.
I'm glad she's found you. The other comments are correct - you've done a great job and I can feel the love that you have for Michelle through your words.
Please give my love to Michelle.

Genkicat said...

I'm glad you posted too Brad. I don't know you or Michelle - but I'm am so sad for her (and your) day today, and what she is going through. I'm glad its all fixed though and you can move forward.